Lump Hammer

The heavy lump or ‘club’ hammer, which weighs around 2kg, is used in conjunction with a variety of cutting chisels.

As with all hammers, the metal head can work loose from the wooden handle with use so it is a good idea, from time to time, to re-secure the head. This is done by soaking the head of the hammer in water and hammering in the cleats that are fixed into the top of the handle.


Lump Hammer

Fig. 76 Lump hammer.


Sharpening Tools

All chisels and cutting tools must be kept sharp and the use of blunt cutting tools must be avoided. The compensatory over-exertion necessary to cut with blunt tools results in more personal injuries and/or damaged/wasted bricks than are ever attributed to the use of sharp tools. Percussion tools, such as all types of chisel, will, with the impact of the hammer, start to deform and form a ‘mushroom’ head of metal burrs at the end of the handle. This can cause serious injury if the chisel, when being struck by the hammer, slips through the hand of the user. From time to time, it is vital that the deformed metal is removed with a grinder or grinding wheel in order to maintain the safety of the tools in use.