Mortar for Laying Bricks and Blocks

The most basic estimate of materials for mortar states that one tonne of sand is sufficient to lay 1000 bricks. Taking this a stage further, a quick and convenient method for calculating materials for mortar involves working on the basis of the amount of finished mortar that is required to lay one brick. This amount will vary according to the type of brick. For example a pressed brick with a ‘frog’ in it requires more mortar than a solid brick with no perforations or indentations. However, as a general rule of thumb, it can be taken that 1kg of mortar is sufficient to lay one brick. Where 100mm blocks are concerned, the amount of mortar required per block is 2.25kg.

Beyond this, and the number of bricks or blocks in the wall, the only additional information required in order to calculate the quantity of each component part of the mix is the ratio of the mortar mix proportions. There is no need to add an allowance for waste when calculating mortar materials as

this has already been accounted for when adding an allowance on top of the brick or block quantity.