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The toughness of pure monoclinic zirconia is difficult to obtain because of problems encountered during sintering of these types of specimens. Generally, if a full density is desired for mechanical properties evaluation, the material needs to be heated to a temperature that is above the tetragonal-to-monoclinic transformation temperature (i. e., 1,471 K). This results in […]


The hardness for monoclinic zirconia is approximately 9.2 GPa [31] for samples with a density > 98% and 4.1-5.2 GPa [32] for samples with a density > 95% of theoretical, whereas hardness values for amorphous zirconia vary between 5 and 25 GPa [33]. The hardness increases slightly to values approaching 11 GPa for yttria-stabilized zirconia […]

Mechanical Properties

Measurements of the mechanical properties of pure tetragonal and cubic zirconia are exceedingly difficult because of the higher temperatures required for such measure­ments. Hence, only monoclinic zirconia has been thoroughly studied in pure form. The mechanical properties of tetragonal and cubic zirconia have been determined for many stabilized zirconias and, because of the importance of […]