The cost for any formwork system is important in controlling the cost of the project. The initial cost of purchasing or renting a form­work system and the number of reuses may determine which system to use. The initial costs for self-raising forms are typically in the range of $1 to $2 million a set. A set of forms are able to pour one complete floor every two to three days. From this initial cost, three-quarters of the cost is toward the purchase of the forms, while the remaining quarter is used to rent the raising equipment. To make the purchase and rental of these forms feasible, the project must have a minimum of 20 floors. Typically a set of forms can be reused for a minimum of 55 floors with little rehabilitation to the forms. The raising equipment on the other hand can be used for three to four jobs with only the simple re­placement of bolts and nuts before each new job. Therefore, with the number of reuses in both the forms and raising equipment, the self-raising forms can be used from job to job for increased savings.