Advantages of Conventional Aluminum Systems

1. Light weight. Aluminum joists and stringers have a strength-to-weight ratio better than that of steel joists and stringers. For the same value of vertical loads, the weight of an aluminum section is approximately 50 percent less than that of the corresponding steel, ranging from 3 to 6
lb/ft (4.5 to 8.9 kg/m) including the wood nailing strip. Also, the light weight of the aluminum improves labor productivity and reduces crane time hook in comparison to steel sections.

2. Economy. Many contractors have reported labor cost sav­ing of between 20 to 30 percent for both fabricating and stripping aluminum formwork compared to conventional wood form.

3. High reuse. Aluminum sections have higher reuse value than wood sections. Also, the amount of waste is minimal compared to that of wood sections.