Concrete Finish

Surface quality and appearance are always referred to as the con­crete finish. Concrete surfaces can be classified as rough finish ‘‘as-cast surface,’’ smooth exposed, covered (with a special clad­ding material or painted), or textured (with an architectural sur­face texture and treatment).

Подпись: Copyright © Marcel Dekker, Inc. All rights reserved.As-cast concrete finish typically shows some irregularity on the surfaces and may contain some concrete surface defects. An as-cast concrete finish is usually found in concrete buildings where appearance is not important, such as warehouses or silos.

Exposed concrete finish is characterized by smooth regular concrete surfaces, and regular positions of form ties. Exposed con­crete surfaces are typically found in columns and bearing walls.

Architectural concrete is favored in vertical concrete ele­ments (columns and walls). As a result, concrete finish must be considered as one of the major factors in the selection of a form­
work system. Architectural concrete requires a careful selection of a formwork system which includes stiffer form liners, tighter joints, smoother finishes, and more care in implementing cham­fers and justifications.

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