Selecting the formwork system for cast-in-place reinforced con­crete slabs is a critical decision that can affect cost, safety, quality, and speed of construction. Many factors must be considered for the proper selection of the formwork system. Among these are:

1. Factors related to building architectural and structural design, which include slab type and building shape and size

2. Factors related to project (job) specification, and sched­ule, which includes the speed of construction

3. Factors related to local conditions, which include area practices, weather conditions, and site characteristics

4. Подпись: Copyright © Marcel Dekker, Inc. All rights reserved.Factors related to the supporting organizations, which in­clude available capital, hoisting equipment, home-office support, and availability of local or regional yard support­ing facilities

An overview of all the factors affecting the selection of formwork systems is shown in Figure 5.1. The following sections briefly de­fine the terminology and explain how these factors affect the selec­tion of the horizontal formwork system.