Forming Openings, Projections, and Recesses

Подпись: Copyright © Marcel Dekker, Inc. All rights reserved.Openings, doorways, and ductwork are formed by taking out en­tire sections of sheathing. Also, keyways, anchor plates, and threaded inserts have to be placed into the forms while the con­crete is being poured. The vertical placement of these items is measured by the use of marker rods. These rods are separate from jacking rods and rebar but are placed in the concrete at the begin­ning of the slipforming. They are used to mark the vertical prog­ress of the job and to indicate when to place any type of inserts or blockouts. The horizontal placement of these blockouts and in­serts are indicated on the inside sheathing of the forms them­selves. Different colors of tape are used to indicate the center of different types of blockouts and inserts. These blockouts and in­serts are tied to the rebar with No. 9 wire to prevent their move­ment while in the forms. When blockouts are to be placed where

jacking rods are, the rods must be adequately braced against buck­ling. Repeated blockouts are a major design factor in the place­ment of the jacking rods.