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Подпись: Copyright © Marcel Dekker, Inc. All rights reserved.When deciding to use a special forming technique, the contractor has to evaluate his or her own in-house expertise, which includes

trouble-shooting experience and safety management. For exam­ple, in vertical forming systems such as slipform and self-raising forms, the in-house experts have to deal with special problems such as leaking hydraulic equipment, leveling of the hoist jacks, keeping the forms plumb within specified tolerance, and placing inserts and openings under the fast rate of placement.

Safety management is another area of in-house expertise that should be available to support a specific forming technique. For example, the availability of fire protection expertise is necessary in slipforming to prevent a fire several hundred feet in the air re­sulting from the flammable oil used in the hydraulic jacks. The availability of such expertise may be a factor which determines if a special forming technique is or is not used.

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