Horizontal Formwork Systems: Hand-Set Systems

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Horizontal formwork systems are used to temporarily support hor­izontal concrete work such as concrete slabs. There are seven horizontal forming systems that can be used to support different slab types. They are: (1) conventional wood system (stick form), (2) conventional metal (aluminum) system (improved stick form), (3) flying formwork system, (4) column-mounted shoring system, (5) tunnel forming system, (6) joist-slab forming system, and (7) dome forming system. Joist-slab and dome forms are steel or fiberglass pans usually placed above the plywood sheathing and thus can be used with any of the first five horizontal formwork systems. As a result, they will not be considered in this book as separate systems.

Подпись: Copyright © Marcel Dekker, Inc. All rights reserved.Formwork systems for horizontal concrete work can be also classified into two main categories: hand-set systems and crane – set systems. Conventional wood systems and conventional metal systems are classified as hand-set systems. In hand-set systems, different formwork elements can be handled by one or two labor­ers. Flying formwork systems, column-mounted shoring systems, and tunnel formwork are classified under crane-set systems. In crane-set systems, adequate crane services must be available to handle formwork components.