One of the major problems with the slipform construction is keep­ing the forms plumb and level. The most basic and often over­looked means of preventing misalignment is adequate bracing. All the forms, decks, and jacking equipment should be securely fas­tened to the jacking grid. Also the placement of jacks is important to ensure that the forms are raised in a uniform manner.

Подпись:A water system made of a centralized reservoir and open – ended tubes at various yokes in the system and large plumb bobs suspended by piano wire are commonly used to check if the build­ing is plumb and level. More recently, vertical lasers placed at two or three corners of the building are being used more often. Also, transits or theodolites are used to check for alignment. If and when the building becomes out of plumb enough as to require realign­ment, realignment can be done by jacking up one side of the forms until it is plumb.