With the advancement of technology in the construction field, limi­tations of a system or technique are often reduced. The result is increased efficiency in costs and time, versatility, quality, and

safety. Every formwork system, including the self-raising forms, has its limitations and range of uses.

• Members of the manufacturer’s staff experienced in op­erating the forms are needed for several weeks for field service and to train workers, which may introduce added costs.

• Site must be fairly accessible since forms are preassem­bled and may be large in size.

• An accurate wall footprint must be built as a starter wall using conventional wall forming.

• The initial cost of the self-raising system is much larger than other formwork systems.

• The formwork system is economically used only for struc­tures 20 stories or higher.

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Changes in wall size and/or location during construction are expensive and impact schedule.