Step 1: The procedure for applying equations of Tables 3.15 and 3.16 to the design of a sheathing is to consider a strip of 1 ft depth (consider the lower 1 ft of sheath­ing where concrete lateral pressure is maximum). Determine the maximum allowable span based on the allowable values of bending stress, shear stress, and deflection. The lowest value will determine the maximum spacing of studs.

Подпись:Step 2: Based on the selected stud spacing, the stud itself is analyzed to determine its maximum allowable spacing. The studs are subject to uniform pressure resulting from the fresh concrete. This pressure is resisted first by the sheathing which in turn transfer the loads to studs. The selected stud span will be the spacing of the wales.

Step 3: Based on the selected stud spacing, the maximum wale spacing (distance between horizontal supports or ties) can be determined using the same proce­dure. For simplicity and economy of design, this maximum span value is usually rounded down to the next lower integer or modular value when selecting the spacing.