Подпись:Because tunnel forms are preassembled in a factory-type setting, the uncertainty that often surrounds equipment fabricated on site is eliminated. The factory setting usually implements a quality as­surance program to guard against imperfections or flaws in work­manship and materials. Also, because tunnel formwork is made of steel, the quality of the resulting concrete surface is superior and may require no additional finishing.


The tunnel forms have a number of safety features.

• Since they are preassembled in a factory setting, the sys­tem should have predictable strengths and quality assur­ance.

• The forms are not dismantled between lifts, and thus re­main the same as when first used.

• Guard rails are provided at the slab edges.

• Supervised craning operations provide safety below.

• Workers positioning or stripping forms underneath are secure due to the all-steel and rigid tunnel form system.