Safety on the construction site plays an important role in the pro­ductivity of the project. It should begin in the planning and man­agement of a project continuing on down to the equipment and the workers. The self-raising forms have a number of safety features.

• The self-raising forms are preassembled in a factory-type setting, which provides predictable strengths and quality assurance of the system.

• The working platforms on the formwork system include guard rails and toe boards, thus improving safety and pro­ductivity at great heights.

• A safety factor of 3 is usually used when designing hydrau­lic rams.

Подпись: Copyright © Marcel Dekker, Inc. All rights reserved.Forms not dismantled between raises result in fewer inju­ries from stripping.

• The raising of the forms are completely controlled by workers at the form, instead of crane operators and crane attendants a distance away. Therefore, self-raising forms can be stopped almost immediately in case of emergency.