Type I Structure (Rigid Frame System)

Подпись:Rigid frame systems consist of rectangles of vertical columns and horizontal beams connected together in the same plane. It should be noted that a bearing wall is a special case of the rigid frame system.

Type II Structure (Shear Walls)

The shear wall formation is a thin slender beam cantilevered verti­cally to resist lateral forces. It can take the form of a rectangle or box-shaped core, which can be used to gather vertical transporta­tion and energy distribution systems (e. g., stairs, elevators, toilets, mechanical shafts).

Type I Structure (Rigid Frame System)

Rigid Frame System (a)



Type I Structure (Rigid Frame System)

Shear Walls (b>

Type I Structure (Rigid Frame System)Type I Structure (Rigid Frame System)

Framed Tuba (d)

Type I Structure (Rigid Frame System)

Tube-in-Tube (e)

Figure 9.1 Lateral loads structural supporting system.


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Table 9.1 Structural Systems and Building Height

Structural system Optimum height

Подпись: Up to 20 stories Up to 35 stories Up to 50 stories Up to 55 stories Up to 65 storiesRigid frame Shear wall Framed shear wall Framed tube Tube in tube