Administrative Organization for Total Quality Management

In each company there must exist a team of Total Quality Manage­ment (TQM) such as is demonstrated in the project organization and the company organization as shown in the figures below.

Figure (5.4) shows the administrative organization of onsite con­struction management. Quality control appears in the administra­tive organization and in its relations with the project manager and members of the team.

Figure (5.5) shows the administrative organization of the com­pany. This company may be the office of the engineering company or contractor. Of note here is a somewhat specialized quality man­agement system which explicitly identifies executive-level respon­sibility for maintaining and updating the quality manuals of the organization. The Quality General manager stands at the same administration level with the Projects General manager of the com­pany, and in a direct relationship with the company chairman or Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The idea is to ensure that the Qual­ity Manager has the power needed to follow up recommended improvements to the quality system of the entire organization.

We want to make sure that the company has a system of qual­ity assurance from the outset. Examining the organizational struc­ture and its site quality management of the overall organizational

Figure 5.4 Sample of organization.

Figure 5.5 The head office organization.

structure of the company, the actual role of the quality system is and its impact within the company can be readily determined. (Here it is worth mentioning that, when reviewing tenders and bids for any company, the organizational structure should be carefully reviewed on the basis of considering carefully the quality of staff and their relationship with various departments, with the aim of determining the location and importance of quality for the company.)

Modem organizations that take quality into account, you must see an existing slot to the quality general director enjoys direct con­tact with the chairman of the company, giving that company officer he necessary power and speed in decision-making. (These schematic diagrams of organization are just demo as to the size of the quality team, as this number is bound to differs from one organization to another, depending on the size of project and the number of projects they are running.)