Checklists for Reviewers

(What follows is an itemized description of the questions.)

1. Management Tasks

° Is representative of the department responsible for achieving ISO 9000?

о Is it specific responsibilities and authorities of all influential individuals in the quality?

о Are the available resources adequate?

о Has skilled labor been engaged in the work related to their skills?

о Is the audit done by independent auditors?

2. Quality Management System

° Is the establishment of a system and the number of complete documentation of the quality man­agement system to make sure that the product will achieve specifications?

о Is there an audit of the contract for the review of contracts and to achieve cooperation between the activities to implement the contract?

3. Control Design

о Are individuals eligible to complete the work assigned to them?

о Are the design requirements reviewed by the owner?

Is the output compatible with the design input?

4. Control of Documents

о Is there a procedure to control all documents quality?

о Do the documents have been reviewed and approved before use?

5. Purchases

0 Were products purchased in conformity with the requirements of quality?

6. Supplier of the Product Suppliers

о Is there a procedure to verify the storage and maintenance of products supplied by the supplier?

7. Control in Manufacturing or Implementation

о Is the manufacturing process or implementation of specific and planned through the documents with instructions to work?

о Do the procedures control manufacturing and implementation of special operations?

8. Inspection and Testing

° Whether a procedure is to ensure that the product has not been used before, testing or verification that they were identical with the specifications is necessary?

° Is there a procedure to verify conformity with the product specifications during manufacturing?

° Is there a procedure for final inspection tests?

9. Test Devices

° Is there a procedure to control the calibration and maintenance of tests?

10. Test Results

о Is there a procedure to make sure that the prod­uct non-conformity with the specifications is controlled?

11. Step Corrective

° Is there a procedure during inspection to deter­mine the cause of the incompatibility of the product with customer requirements and specifi­cations and to determine the steps necessary to fix it and avoid the problem occurring in the future?

12. Entrepreneurship and Storage

0 Are there procedures and documentation for the control of contractors, storage and handling?

13. Quality Recording

° Is there a procedure to maintain the action and to identify, collect, and store all documents related to quality?

14. Review of Internal Quality

° Is there a planned system of internal audit documents?

15. Training

° Are there training procedures for identifying training needs for employees to have an impact on quality?

16. The Service

° Are the service procedures present to achieve service?

17. Statistical Processes

° Are there procedures to determine the statisti­cal information required to accept or reject the product?