Commissioning Agent Selection

This service shall be acquired in the same manner as other profes­sional services. The Commissioning Agent shall be chosen on the primary basis of qualifications and not solely based on price. The involved work order and selection procedures should adhere to the involved provisions for work order issuance and be fitted with requirements/contents that are aligned with standard work order formats. National contracts are in place that can support commis­sioning services.

It is recommended that the CxA is contracted according to a two phase fee negotiation process.

The first phase includes Design Stage responsibilities, and the second phase includes construction and post-construction activities.

The negotiation of the construction and post-construction stage fee is based upon a substantially completed design and the actual type and number of equipment, systems, and assemblies to be inspected, started, and tested.

Within the Design Stage proposal, the CxA shall be asked to pro­vide budgetary numbers for the construction and post-construction stages. Review Owner’s Project Requirements and Basis of Design [10]

in concert with the customer agency and expressed in layman’s terms.