Commissioning and Startup

The importance of this stage varies depending on the nature and size of the project itself. In the case of housing projects, commis­sioning and start-up will be applied to the building during the finishing activities of being completed in phases as per each floor or by each stage of completion as receive the masonry work, then plastering and painting, and so on. The team formed by the owner and consultant is to receive the work in this stage. The work will be a list of the parts that need repair from the contractor, such as an HVAC system, painting, and so on.

It is a different story in the case of industrial projects such as con­structing pipelines, pumps, and turbine engines, or a new plant. In this case, a new team will formulate consisting of members of the projects and operating personnel who receive work and have the head of the team. Noting that, this team should be competent and have previous experience in commissioning and startup. The team will have a specific target to start the operation where the reception is not performed until after the primary operation. Start up and commissioning at this stage is to make sure that all the mechanical systems work efficiently and safely without any leakage or error in the operation. This stage takes a period of time depending on the size of the project and may extend to months.

The cooperation between the operation and project team is very essential. The operation starts according to the schedule for this spe­cific stage. It can be in hour units, and all the parties should agree on this schedule to provide a smooth transition in a safe manner, because increasing temperatures and pressure without previous study may cause a disaster. So again, competent people and a good schedule are the keys for successful commissioning and startup.