Complete Final Commissioning Report

During Post-Construction, the CxA is responsible for delivering a Final Commissioning Report. This document is additive to those items detailed in the "Turnover Commissioning Record." The Final Commissioning Report shall include the following, at a minimum:

• A statement that systems have been completed in accordance with the contract documents and that the

systems are performing in accordance with the final owner’s project requirements document

• Identification and discussion of any substitutions, compromises, or variances between the final design intent, contract documents and as-built conditions

• Description of components and systems that exceed owners project requirements and those which do not meet the requirements and why summary of all issues resolved and unresolved and any recommendations for resolution

• Post-construction activities and results including deferred and seasonal testing results, test data reports, and additional training documentation

• Lessons learned for future commissioning project efforts

• Recommendations for changes to GSA standard test protocols and/or facility design standards

The Final Commissioning Report will serve as a critical refer­ence and benchmark document for future recommissioning of the facility. In addition, the CxA is responsible at this stage to assure the engineering office is completely updated with the as-built drawings. Final Satisfaction Review with Customer Agency The GSA PM lead a final satisfaction review with the Customer Agency. This review shall occur at one year after occupancy.

Minimum attendees shall include the Commissioning Team and other selected Customer Agency representatives.

The purpose of this review is to obtain honest, objective and constructive feedback on what worked well throughout the commissioning process and what the Commissioning Team could have done better. The group shall be focused on identifying root causes and proposing corrective action for future projects. Specific discussion topics may include the following:

• Owner’s Project Requirements

• Systems selected for commissioning

• Coordination issues

• Commissioning budget and costs

• Commissioning schedule relative to project schedule

• Occupant comments/complaints

• Documentation issues

• Lessons learned

The GSA PM takes the lead on documenting this session in a for­mal lessons learned report. This information will be an important input to future projects.