Construction. Management for. Industrial Projects

A Modular Guide for Project Managers

Mohamed A. El-Reedy
Consulting Engineer

engineers study subjects that focus on project management in housing projects, administration projects and com­mercial buildings or other similar projects, but industrial projects have their own requirements and characteristics that set them apart from those other types of projects.

This book is not only addressed to graduating engineers who wish to improve their skills in project management, but it is also helpful to upper level management. This book covers all of the project management subjects from an industrial project point of view. The aim of this book is to be helpful to any engineering discipline or any staff in sharing or applying work of an industrial project.

Why do senior managers accept certain projects and refuse oth­ers? Why does a company have huge investments in a certain coun­try but no investments on other countries, especially in oil and gas projects? Certainly, it isn’t just because "that’s where the oil is," because there are countries that are extremely rich in oil and gas reserves in which there is little investment. These questions are important for understanding project management as a discipline and why using the tools of project management correctly will lead to successful projects.

Knowledge is power. When you understand well, you will do well. So in this book we will illustrate exactly what the project manager is thinking when he is working on a project and what his objectives and goals are. On the other hand, we will discuss what team members may be thinking through the project stages and what their objectives and goals are.

The main tools in managing the project, which are time, resources, cost, and quality management, shall be illustrated by using prac­tical examples from petroleum projects. In addition to that, this book presents all the types of contracts and methods of technical and commercial evaluation for the tenders, with highlights on the FIDIC contract and its advantages.

I have worked on major rehabilitation projects for offshore struc­tures with the best international companies from the owner, work­ing with the engineering offices, the contractors, and the suppliers. Often, the project management staff and all the team members have ideal skills and competence as described in many textbooks, but unfortunately, the end users are not fully satisfied, which is a situ­ation that usually faces us in industrial projects. The solution to this problem is proposed by using a whole building commission­ing system that is used successfully in administration building, and this management system is clearly illustrated in this book.

This book tries to be practical and, at the same time, match with the Project Management Professional (PMP) guide, so we selected one hundred questions from the PMP exam to help you obtain the certificate. But we chose questions that present actual cases we face in managing industrial projects.

Mohamed Abdallah El-Reedy, Ph. D elreedyma@yahoo. com Cairo, Egypt