Develop Commissioning Specifications

The commissioning tasks for the contractors will be identified in the commissioning specifications and will include the following:

• General commissioning requirements common to all systems and assemblies

• Detailed description of the responsibilities of all parties

• Details of the commissioning process (i. e., schedule and sequence of activities)

• Reporting and documentation requirements and formats

• Alerts to coordination issues

• Deficiency resolution

• Commissioning meetings

• Submittals

• O&M manuals

• Construction checklists

• Functional testing process and specific functional test requirements including testing

• Conditions and acceptance criteria

• As-built drawings

• Training

Specifications must clearly indicate who is witnessing and docu­menting startup of each commissioned system. Specifications must also clearly indicate who is writing, directing, conducting, and documenting functional tests.

The CxA and the A/E must work together to ensure that com­missioning requirements are fully integrated and coordinated in the project specifications.

Updated: 8 сентября, 2015 — 9:54 дп