Execution Phase

Now everything is ready for this stage, and this stage involves both quality assurance and quality control, especially in the reinforced concrete works and in the concrete itself composed of many materials such as cement, sand and coarse aggregate, water, and additives in addition to steel bars. Therefore, it is essential to control the quality of each element separately, as well as the whole mixture. In addition to that, the quality control should follow restrictions during the preparation of wooden form, the preparation and installation the steel bars, and pouring and curing concrete.

It is clear here that the contractor should have a strong, capa­ble organization, capable of good quality control, and documents that define the time and date in which the work was carried out and who receives the materials. At the same time, it’s important to determine the number of samples of concrete and define the exact time, date, and result of each test.

Often during execution some changes occur in the construction drawings of the project as a result of the presence of some of the problems at the site during the construction or the presence of some ideas and suggestions that can reduce the time of the project.

However, it is important that the change of work be done through documents in order to manage the changes and build them into the drawings.

The supervisors and the owner must have their special organiza­tion. The owner organization in most cases has two scenarios:

• The owner will establish an internal team from the organization to manage the project.

• The owner chooses a consultant office to manage the supervision on site. In most cases the design office will do the supervision.

The construction phase shows the contractor the capability for local and international competition, if and only if the concept of quality assurance of the contractor project team is very clear and has experience in a comprehensive quality system, because the aim of all the competitors on the international scene, since the period of working through an integrated system, is to confirm the quality of the work and quality control in all stages of execution in order to achieve full customer satisfaction.