General Conditions in Contracts

General requirements in contracts are defined these days very pre­cisely by individuals with extensive legal or adminittrative experi­ence. In the end, however, the project manager is responsible for any contractual problem or error during project execution, and the onus falls on that individual to review the contract and general con­ditions carefully. The following list must be reviewed, and all items that have been drafted by the contract should be confirmed. This list is also used to terminate the contract, to make sure that the con­tract contains all the essential items, and to ensure that nothing has been forgotten.

List of General Conditions Contract

□ Definitions

□ Agreement document


□ Owner responsibilities

□ Deliver information and document

Owner Representative

□ Engineer

□ Roles and responsibility Contractor

□ General responsibilities

□ Contractor Representative

Engineering Design

□ General responsibilities

□ Drawings

□ Laws and language

□ Clarification

□ Reach the site

□ Engineer representative

□ Requirements and conditions

□ Guarantee

□ Subcontractor

□ Project specification

Supervision and Labors

□ Labor rules

□ Health and safety

Equipment and Materials

□ Construction procedure Time Plan

□ Start time

□ Performance rate


□ Contractor responsibilities Receive Projects

□ Receiving certificate Fault Responsibility

□ Cost of repair

Contract Value and Payment

□ Contract value

□ Payment schedule

Change Order

□ Right to change

□ Present change

Contractor Fault

□ Excuse

□ Pay at completion Insurance

□ On design

□ Labours

Force Major

□ Definition

□ Exemption from the delay and performance

Disputes and Arbitration

□ Method claim

□ Arbitration

□ The laws governing the conflict

□ Effects

□ Payment of the claim

□ Determine the courts in case of conflict

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