Hold Commissioning Team Meetings and Report Progress

Consistent, regular Commissioning Team meetings are essential to maintain the progress of the project and the momentum of the commissioning process.

The schedule of meetings shall be defined, documented, and included in appropriate bid documents during the Design Stage (monthly construction phase Cx Team meetings are recommended).

Team members at meetings must be authorized to make commit­ments and decisions for their respective parties. The typical agenda for construction phase Commissioning Team meetings shall include items such as previous action items, outstanding issues, schedule review, new issues, etc.

In addition to regular meetings, the CxA is responsible for prepar­ing monthly commissioning process reports during the construc­tion phase. These reports shall include, at a minimum, the following information:

• Progress and status report along with look-ahead

• Identification of systems or assemblies that do not perform in accordance with the owner’s project requirements

• Results from latest version of the Issues Log (impor­tance, cost and measures for correction)

• Test procedures and data

• Deferred and seasonal tests (and reason for deferring)

• Suggestions for enhancements that will improve the commissioning process and/or the delivered facility