Incorporation of Commissioning into A/E and CM Scope of Services

GSA commissioning activities may be more rigorous than A/Es and CMs typically included in their scope of services.

Design, construction, and post-construction commissioning activities must be defined and written into the architect/engineer and construction manager scopes of work and executed contracts.

By this stage of project development, the GSA project manager must have an awareness of how commissioning services will be delivered. GSA’s preferred method for engaging a commissioning agent is to arrange for the construction manager to contract directly with a commissioning agent. However, there will be exceptions based on project specific drivers. Should the project team deter­mine that the CM will contract the commissioning agent, this must be written into the CM’s scope of work.

Commissioning services for design and construction manage­ment professionals shall minimally include, but are not limited to, the items listed on the following sections.