Information Transfer

The transfer of information is of great importance, since this is a time of rapid information transfer and information technology in particular with the development of the use of computers. To ensure that information will be transmitted fast and accurately, a strong procedure needs to be established in order to avoid any defect in the information transmission system.

Figure 5.10 Information transfer.

This shows the shape of the movement of information received by the project manager from the owner. The project manager receives information and distributes it to the heads of departments involved. The information will be reviewed and compared with previous projects and it will identify the degree of accuracy of such information.

If, after review, some errors in the information or inaccuracies are found, a report for the project manager is to be prepared. The proj­ect manager in turn sends it to the client for review. The informa­tion is kept registered in a special list If it is considered sound and the project manager and director of the department are concerned

Figure 5.11 Document movement.

to keep such information in such a manner as to insulate them from possible future liability, loss or damage.