Inputs and Outputs of the Design Phase

Using Form (4a) to clarify what is required from them in the design stage, each department should determine the role of its project team members. This is the form that indicates key input param­eters of the project design, including its general specifications, the type of structure, the structural analysis required (i. e., preliminary or detailed design), and types of drawings required (e. g., construc­tion drawings, field sketches, etc.). It determines the size of the final drawing and indicates the sources of its information as set forth by the owner and the engineering office through the SOR and BOD documents, which convey the precise demands of the owner.

Following completion of drawings, the final work is reviewed and team members sign off through Form (5a). A quality assurance team undertakes its review, making sure that each signature is in place in accordance with the responsibility of the person and that each engineer has passed all the steps required without neglecting any step. Drawings are sent to the client only after all these steps are carried out and verified.

This model of project design-phase documentation takes note of any previous versions that had been prepared and recorded earlier in the history of the project. It may also serve to measure the dif­ference between the estimated time to complete the drawings and the actual time spent, thus indirectly indicating the efficiency of the departments concerned in how they manage the use of time.