Inspection During Work-in-Progress

In some cases, the inspection of work-in-progress must be per­formed on a continual basis. QC personnel must maintain constant watch on work as it begins and heads toward completion. It is very important to verify that work starts out correctly; otherwise, rework to correct the problem will occur. It is easier, and less expensive, to correct work as the work progresses instead of discovering defects

after the work is completed. No one likes to perform the same item of work more than once. Inspection of Work after Completion Each work activity must also be inspected upon completion. This action is necessary to detect any deficient work prior to the next work activity to be performed. A "punchlist" consisting of the list of deficiencies discovered should be made and given to the parties responsible for the defective work. Verification that each deficiency has been corrected must be made to ensure that there are not any outstanding deficiencies. This stage of inspection will also require the performance testing of installed materials or equipment.