Inspection Procedures

Procurement of required materials from many different loca­tions, and their installation, describes the essential content of project execution. The responsibility of the general contractor is to attain both objectives up to the required standards of quality. This includes and entails specific instructions determining the manner in which the materials and installations are to work and the proper equipment to be used. The procedures of check-up on the completed work constitute both an ongoing and finalizing step of the QA process. This includes continuous inspection and testing being conducted throughout the duration of the project’s construction/execution.

The inspection process must specify:

• the substance to be tested

• test procedure

• equipment required for testing and inspection and calibration of such equipment

• inspection method

• environmental conditions required, which will be maintained during operation, inspection, and testing

• the sampling method or a way to choose an appropriate sample

• a definition of the limits of acceptance or rejection of the samples tested

The following items are from the ISO 9000 Section 4.11 and the inspection and measurement test.

• control inspection

• measurement and test equipment

• calibration, maintenance, and the surrounding envi­ronment, and storage and documents

• registration and inspections