Managing the Team

Difficulties are to be expected at a project’s outset, with a team whose ability to work together in the upcoming project is as yet unknown. To assist in anticipating and surmounting the difficulties that can be sensed before they become obstacles, it is crucial that the project manager pay close attention to enhancing the interrelation­ships in the working group as soon as possible. To overcome con­flicts and obtain the highest productivity from the team, the project manager should address the following potential deficiencies at the project’s outset:

• Lack of clarity regarding responsibilities

• Lack of equal distribution of work between team members

• Lack of clarity in the allocation of work for each activity

• Lack of understanding of any of the stages of the project

• Overall objectives of the project are not clear.

• Lack of trust between team members

• No continuous and strong contact between the team members

• Lack of guidance for the members

• No interest in the quality of work

• Objectives of individuals differ from the objective of the project.

Paying attention to, and overcoming, the above "negatives" should sustain a high probability of overall success for the team.