Plan Single Point of Accountability (SPA)

This will be done by the project manager with the planning team. First, define the team members that will perform the required activ­ities. Be sure they have sufficient information on their potential and their relation to the size of the project. If you want to use another experienced planner from another project contracted to work with you, do so at the beginning of the project.

You should also know through the collection of information whether the working group had worked in similar projects, for proj­ects have almost the same activities. For example, if you are work­ing on an oil and gas project and the working group had worked on the same type of projects before, that experience is different than housing projects, hotels, road projects, or administration buildings.

Each type of project has its own characteristics. Therefore, the working group needs to have worked in a project that is similar to your project.

The planner must be efficient in planning, must have the ability to plan the project well, and must have good experience in the same type of project.

At the beginning of the work, it is very important to hold a meet­ing between the planning team, the official sponsor of the project or the director of the project, and the owner and his or her represen­tative. The goal of this meeting is to clarify the main objectives of the project, identify priorities in the implementation of the driving force, which is time or cost, and determine what is desired from the project as a whole.