Planning Stage

Figure (8.2) presents the main steps in applying a building commis­sioning system in planning, design, construction and post construc­tion phase. These steps will be discussed in detail in the following sections. Identifying the Commissioning Team

The first step in the commissioning process is for the GSA project manager (GSA PM) to identify and layout the makeup of the Commissioning Team. The exact size and members of the com­missioning team will vary depending on project type, size and complexity.

Figure 8.2 Building commissioning system main steps.

In general the team will consist of the following:

• GSA Project Manager (Team Leader)

• GSA Operating Personnel

• Customer Agency Representative(s)

• GSA Technical Experts (i. e., Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Fire Protection, Elevator, Seismic, LEED/ Sustainability, etc.)

• Construction Manager (CM)

• Construction Contractor and Subcontractors

• Commissioning Agent (CxA)

• Architect/Engineer (A/E)

The Responsibility Definition is presented in Table (8.4). The fol­lowing definitions apply to the Roles and Responsibilities Matrix:

• Lead (L) = Direct and take overall responsibility for accomplishment

• Support (S) = Provide assistance

• Approve (A) = Formally accept either written or verbal depending on the situation

• Participate (P) = Take part in the activity (i. e., attend the meeting, etc.)

• Inform (I) = Make this party aware of the activity or result or provide a copy of the deliverable

• Verify (V) = Confirm the accuracy or completeness of the task