Project Lifecycle of the Construction Manager

1. If appropriate, lead the RFQ process for commission­ing services and award a contract to a Commissioning Agent directly under the Construction Manager.

2. Include commissioning process activities and require­ments into all general contractor bid packages.

3. Work with the commissioning team to develop a schedule for commissioning activities and incorpo­rate commissioning activities into the overall project schedule.

4. Provide personnel with the means and authority to coordinate implementation of the commissioning process as detailed in the contract documents.

5. Attend commissioning team meetings (3 design review meetings and monthly construction stage Cx team meetings).

6. Coordinate with the Commissioning Agent in the development of a commissioning plan.

7. Perform quality control functions, particularly in the areas of design reviews for constructability and inspection.

8. Participate in and assist with the functional testing of all commissioned systems and assemblies.

9. Provide technical expertise such as testing, cost esti­mating, and resolving disputes.

10. Coordinate and document owner/operator training.

11. Issue a statement that certifies all work has been com­pleted and the facility is operational, in accordance with the contract documents.

12. Coordinate General Contractor remedies for deficien­cies identified by the Commissioning Agent during their verification of the installation or tests.

13. Review and comment on the final Commissioning Record.