Project Lifecycle of the Design Professional

1. Participate and aid in the documentation of the owner’s project requirements.

2. Document revisions to owner’s project requirements and obtain GSA approval.

3. Document the basis of design.

4. Integrate Cx process requirements and activities pro­vided by the CxA into the contract documents.

5. Attend commissioning team meetings (3 design review meetings and monthly construction stage Cx team meetings).

6. Specify and verify that the operation and mainte­nance of the systems and assemblies have been ade­quately detailed in the construction documents.

7. Review and incorporate as appropriate the CxA’s comments into the contract documents.

8. Participate in the operations and maintenance per­sonnel training as specified in the training program.

9. Review test procedures submitted by the contractor.

10. Review and comment on the CxA’s progress reports and issue logs.

11. Witness the functional testing of all commissioned systems and assemblies.

12. Review and accept record documents as required by the contract documents.

13. Review and comment on the final commissioning record.

14. Recommend final acceptance of the systems to GSA.

15. Verify systems are installed as specified.