Project Management Tasks

Every manager in the project organization is responsible for plan­ning and monitoring this plan and assuring that the executive work matches with the plan. To achieve that, he should coordinate with other managers and provide a report to the project manager.

The main items in planning and monitoring process are the following:

• Define project objective

• Define the work

• Define the work time period

• Define the available and required resources

• Define the cost

• Review and evaluate the master plan

• Accept the master plan

• Follow up execution

• Follow up cost

• Compare between actual work, cost, and master plan

• Evaluate performance

• Predict and change strategy

The definition of project management is illustrated in Figure (2.4). The first thing in management is to identify the target of the project management process as in the planning, execution, and fol­low-up. There are three factors that affect and/or are affected by resources time and funding.

The following is a summary for all the tools available to the proj­ect manager for managing the project for success.