Project Manager Skill

From the previous discussions, it is obvious that the main player in any project is the project manager, as he carries the load of formulating the team.

When thinking about selections of the project manager, consider that this role is different from operations and routine work as the project is unique and may not have been done before.

The project manager must be flexible, because the project changes from time to time. For example, at the beginning of the project there is a small number of individuals. Then the number increases with time, and when the end of the project is near, there will be less than before. Therefore, the behavior of the project manager must be flexible according to the variables of the project.

The project manager deals with all levels and different indi­viduals from various departments and other parties. The project manager must be a good listener and must be able to guide and persuade. He or she must have previous experience in the same type of project and have the necessary technical information to manage the project in an efficient manner. In addition to that, he or she must have the skills of project management in terms of managing time, costs, resources, communications, and contracts.

The skill of communication is very important, as the facts do not always present themselves. The best ideas in the world would not be known without communication. Therefore, communication and providing specific and clear instructions is important, as any misunderstanding can cause a loss of time and money at the same time. On the other hand, communication with the higher levels is necessary in order to provide summaries of the performance of the project in a way that allows senior management to help with the project and not vice versa.

Finally, the project manger must have the ability to have a more accurate sense of a broad vision for the whole project. He or she must have the capability to manage dialogue, especially in meet­ings, which is regarded as the strongest means of communication to reach the goal that is the main success of the project.