Quality Plan

The quality plan contains steps to achieve quality in a practical way according to a predefined order of action steps to be taken in order to reach the required quality in the project.

The quality plan varies from one project to another according to the particular requirements of the contract with the owner or

the client. It should enumerate the resources to be employed, the types of personnel and the equipment required to achieve the qual­ity goals of the contract. All this is specified in full detail, includ­ing a program for testing and examination of the progress achieved during execution of the contract towards attaining these goals. The quality plan is inflexible and cannot be edited before the end of the project.

In the case of contracts requiring that a buyer, client, or owner to include special requirements needed for achieving the final prod­uct, the quality plan must clarify the detailed steps to be taken to reach the goal. This plan is presented to the client to boost trust in the ability of the provider to achieve the quality of the desired product. The quality plan includes:

• all controls, processes, inspection equipment, man­power sources, and skills that a company must have to achieve the required quality

• QC inspection and testing techniques that have been updated

• any new measurement technique required to inspect the product

• measures that remove potential sources of conflict between inspection and operation

• standards of acceptability for all features and require­ment that have been clearly recorded

• compatibility of the design, manufacturing proc­ess, installation, inspection procedures, including all applicable documentation readied before before pro­duction begins.