Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for Commissioning Agent

The RFQ for CxA services is based upon the Preliminary Commissioning Plan and the commissioning budget established in the Program Development Study (PDS).

Depending on the CxA delivery method (i. e., CM versus GSA contracts), this may be the responsibility of either GSA or the CM.

Table 8.8 CxA selection

Building type, square footage, general program, overall project Budget, milestone schedule dates, LEED and other certification pursuits, etc.

Project Background

GSA project objectives for commissioning


Design, Construction, and Post-Construction Stage expectations for the Commissioning Agent

Scope of Work

Preliminary identification of the systems and assemblies to be commissioned. Once contracted, the CxA will further develop this matrix

Systems and Assemblies

Desired qualification of the CxA


Expectations for format and content of prospective CxA’s proposal


Statement on GSA review of CxA changes in personnel for the project

Change in Personnel

A table indicating the selection criteria and scoring system for evaluating CxA proposals

Selection Criteria

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