Responsibilities of the Team

In general, for industrial projects and, specifically, petrochemical projects, there is usually a modification, which will be a minor proj­ect such as constructing a new tank, new compressor, pumps, and other mechanical equipment. The team is usually formulated from different disciplines from different project departments for this one project.

The planning team, who is responsible for preparing the sched­ule at this stage, has a vital role to distribute the main stages of the project to members of the team. Every main stage has a key stage owner (KSO), whose responsibility is to achieve the required targets within a reasonable time. The responsibilities of the KSO include the following: [1]

• Estimate time with a high accuracy

• Ensure that business is done in a timely manner in accordance with the required quality

• Ensure that work is proceeding in accordance with the procedures and requirements for quality assurance

• Maintain ongoing follow-up

• Compose periodic accurate reports

As the project or construction manager, you will face problems during a project, and you should resolve them in an accurate time. These problems will be mainly as follows:

• Who/what provides the necessary authority to complete the work

• What tools are needed to complete the work

• Maintaining/ensuring the right atmosphere to achieve the required quality of work

• Ensuring the direct support from the project manager or the official sponsor of the project at all key moments

• Ensuring that staffs and teams understand clearly the performance expectations they are to meet

When choosing the KSO, the following should be considered in the potential KSO:

• Skills

• Depth of information and knowledge

• Previous experience in the same area

• The time which is required to complete the work

• Accuracy in the completion of previous work

• Ability to solve problems

• Ability to manage time

• Ability to work individually and with a team

• The volume of work and the current work of the KSO

• Ability to take and give advice and support

• Ability to work under stressful conditions

• The necessary training required now and in the future

Now the key stages plan is available, and every key stage owner has defined responsibilities. Therefore, it is time to start estimating the time needed for each activity in the key stages.