Root Cause Identification

This method, based on "Root Cause Analysis" (RCA), is used in conjunction with the brainstorming technique and other similar meetings, as the facilitator should be able to define the root cause in any item. The goal of RCA is to find answers to the questions about what, how, and particularly why something could go wrong in the project. This method researches deeply into event probabilities and consequences beyond the immediate cause of the unwanted event. For example, assume that there has been a delay in performing a job offshore due to weather. This method needs to define the way to obtain the weather forecast. For another example assume the poten­tial risk is that spare parts will be delivered late on the offshore plat­forms. Subsequent investigation uncovers the fact that there was a high wind speed and the transfer of the parts was delayed for five days. The root cause of the problem is not the high wind speed. The root-cause approach establishes that ordering the mechanical spare parts early enough to allow for the likelihood of bad weather could avoid repetition of this problem.