Steel Structure Cost Estimate

The cost estimate for the steel structure is significantly different than the calculation of the estimated cost of the reinforced concrete structure, as it needs a special design the larger the difference in the construction phase.

The most important part of the design and construction of the steel structure is the connection, and it is known that the connection cost is about 50% of the whole building.

The following table defines the cost percentage for each part in a steel structure project.

From Figure (6.1), one can determine the proportions of the cost of main elements for constructing a steel structure. Every item has a percentage of the total cost.

We note from the above table that the connections, either through the use of welds or bolts, have the largest share in the process of preparing detailed drawings, where the most important and most dangerous phase is the accuracy of the details of the connection.

There is no doubt also that they are important in the cost of man­ufacturing and the installation phase, as the connection cost per­centage is 63% and 45%, respectively. The connections are of great importance in the calculation of costs as well as in the preparation of schedules.