Test Issues and Follow-up

The functional performance tests are the heart of the commissioning process, and they are also the most difficult and time consuming. System troubleshooting is a critical function of the CxA.

As inspecting and testing proceed, despite the team’s best efforts, the CxA will find a number of items that do not appear to work as intended. There will be a certain amount of system retesting that will be performed by the CxA because of system deficiencies during the initial testing.

In order to assure success, the GSA PM shall allow some time in the schedule and money in the budget for retesting. The GSA PM shall be apprised that issues resolution and associated finan­cial implications are a common point of contention between parties.

If equipment or systems are found to be malfunctioning, these problems shall be documented and listed in the Issues Log for team resolution. The Issues Log must be very clear about the test, system(s) involved, and tracking of the problem as it is corrected.

Both the amount of retesting paid for by GSA versus the amount paid by the contractor and/or designer, as well as the parameters for which parties are responsible for correcting deficiencies, shall be very clearly spelled out in the contracts.