The Responsibility of the Manufacturer

A "manufacturer" is defined as one who engages in the manufactur­ing or supplying of the product, as well as the one who is supplying any servicing that may be required, and. under a TQM regime, the first responsibility for meeting quality standards therefore lies with the manufacturer.

In the globalized marketplace of contemporary international commerce, a reputation for upholding and fulfilling the require­ments of a TQM regime has itself emerged as a decisive competi­tive edge. This is seen in the proliferation of offices, international consulting, or multinational contracting companies bidding for construction contracts of all kinds throughout the Arab world, competing mainly over how thorough and reliable the quality assurance systems they offer are.

There are two main steps that serious competitors should take at this level. First, the senior management level has to demonstrate its genuine interest in QC and QA in the way it actually takes the lead in whatever projects it becomes involved in.

Second, an atmosphere is maintained at management level that facilitates dealing with QA rules easily and ensuring that all employees following the requisite instructions and steps of QA. At the administrative level, such a commitment may frequently be interpreted negatively as a constraint on the freedom of action believed necessary for discharge contract obligations in the timeli­est and most efficient manner. To head this off, senior management should pay close attention to the training process, organizing train­ing courses for all the employees of an organization on the quality assurance procedures and technical labor in particular.