Time Schedule Preparation

Now you have a plan for the work and the time period for each activity. The most important thing in preparing the time schedule is to iden­tify the activity and determine the time required for its implementa­tion with the identification of relations between the activities. How to determine the activities and knowledge of time of each activity has been presented, so we must now know how to arrange the activities.

The different common relation between activities is as shown in Figure (4.3).

1. Activity (B) cannot start until the finish of activity (A).

2. Activity (A) and (B) start at the same time.

3. Activity (A) and (B) finish at the same time.

In some cases, activity (A) may begin, and after a certain time period activity (B) begins. This period is called the "lag time."

A computer can perform this task easily, but in general there are two main methods: the arrow diagram and the precedence diagram, as shown in Figure (4.4).

Figure 4.3 Activities order.

Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May