What is the DSP?

The Select Decision Support Package (Select DSP) is a compilation of key project information used to support decision-making at this gate. The decision to be made is generally whether or not to fund the Define stage of the project. Therefore, the DSP must accurately support the team’s recommendation with particular emphasis on potential rewards and risks. The project should not progress through the gate to the next stage until the project team presents the Gatekeeper with the "key to the gate" — the Decision Support Package (DSP). This document should include information taken from the Select stage activities that is necessary for the Gatekeeper to review and approve the project for the next stage. A plan for the next stage incorporates the following:

• A clear set of expectations

• Signed SOR

• PEP (including project specific WBS)

• Conceptual factored Class 3 estimate

• Holistic risk assessment

• Exit strategy

• Output from applicable VIP

• Defined list of capital and manpower resources for the next stage

This decision should be aligned with the business goal, strategy, and objectives, and it must be determined based on the needs or deliverables of the appraise stage.

The DSP includes three major components: the Executive Summary, the DSP Notification Document, and the DSP Reference Document.