When to Inspect Work

Knowing when to inspect work-in-progress is beneficial to the QC person. The following list is a summary of when and what to inspect on the jobsite: Inspection before the Commencement of Work

In some specific cases, as in the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers, this portion of inspection is called the "preparatory inspection phase." This inspection is made for each major work activity and is used to "verbally build" the item of work. A majority of the time, a prepa­ratory inspection is held for each section. This involves holding a meeting to perform the pre-inspection of materials, methods, and personnel that are used to perform the work. Submittals and indus­try standards are used to verify that the work to be performed will be completed in compliance with the project documents. The use of sample panels for work such as masonry or stucco finishes is a prime example of this type of inspection. The workmanship and materials of the sample panel are inspected and approved prior to its implementation into the construction process. Corrections made at this level of inspection will cost less and will not impact the proj­ect schedule as much as if work was started before problems were discovered.