Why Is It Important?

The Select DSP allows the Gatekeeper to make an informed deci­sion as to the next course of action in relation to any specific proj­ect, i. e., the key to the Define gate. It will provide information on the best identified project approaches and analyses concepts, and it will include prelim cost estimates to confirm project viability in line with the business strategy. In addition, one of the most important uses of the DSP is to ensure that the right people are selected for the next stage of the project, even before you get to that stage.

Using information provided in the Select DSP, the Gatekeeper either:

• approves the project, giving the team the ability to pass through the gate to the next Select stage;

• defers the project, based on portfolio management;

• "kills" the project; or

• recycles the project.

Keep in mind that "recycling" a project back through a stage should be a rare occurrence, and it is not really a desired option. A recycled project often indicates a failure in communication between the Gatekeeper and the project team.