Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

Most projects aim to achieve a certain specified degree of quality. This objective can be divided into a set of components that reflect the entire project. If the desired goal is to construct a gas plant, five main components can be identified, namely the following:

1. Public works site

2. Concrete structure

3. Mechanical

4. Electrical

5. Finishing works

Each of these components may be subdivided into subsets of com­ponents, creating subordinate levels of increasingly specific detail. The resulting "breakdown structure" discloses all the elements of the project to be taken into account during execution.

Although the time spent in preparing and processing the proj­ect’s WBS may seem like time taken away from getting the job done, it confers a most important benefit of enabling supervisory personnel at all levels to check quickly that nothing is being for­gotten or deleted inadvertently from the detailed work involved in implementing the project.

After the WBS has been set, its elements should be coded for ready identification in response to questions at any level about progress in project completion, or requests for information about the specific availability or inavailability or personnel or equipment anywhere within the project.